Singapore21-year-old full-time National Service Police officer who died of gunshot wounds was...

21-year-old full-time National Service Police officer who died of gunshot wounds was trapped in an employment scam

An NS officer who died of a gunshot wound in the police force’s Special Operations Command (Special Operations Command) the year before fell into an employment scam and revealed to family and colleagues that he had suicidal thoughts.

Finnegan Tan Yao Jie, 21, was found dead on August 30, 2021 in a toilet cubicle at the Special Operations Command with a gunshot wound to the head with a pistol he had claimed from the police armory.

The coroner’s inquest in the case started today (1st Feb). The court revealed that before the deceased died, he posted on the social platform Instagram that he was about to die for various reasons, including being cheated out of money and hating a secondary school classmate.

The deceased had called the police, saying that he had fallen into an employment scam and lost more than $10,200, of which $7,000 was borrowed from his father. He felt guilty about it.

In addition, the deceased disclosed to his family and relatives during the Lunar New Year of the same year that he had the idea of ​​suicide; several months before the incident, he also searched the Internet for information about suicide, shooting with gloves and how to make a will.

The superiors of the deceased acknowledged that he was emotionally unstable after learning that he was defrauded of money, and had considered barring him from firearms for a period of time.

After observation, the superior did not find that he had any suicidal tendencies or symptoms of depression, so he ordered other team members to take care of the deceased and considered prohibiting him from carrying a gun. Unexpectedly, before the superior had time to make a decision, the deceased had committed suicide.

State Coroner Adam Nakhoda asked the investigating officer to furnish further documents, including documents to explain the Instagram post and if there were any changes in standard operating procedures after the incident.

The findings will be given at a later date.

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