InternationalMH370 wreck will be tough to recover!

MH370 wreck will be tough to recover!

The wreckage of MH370, once located, will be a tough call for salvagers.

However, they Salvagers are confident debris and human remains can be recovered, AFP said.

Nevertheless, searchers will carry out recovery operations even if it is in pitch-black darkness.

Salvagers may also face crushing pressure and ice-cold water, but this is not new.

Air France 447 also found in a similar state in the Atlantic at nearly 4,000m. There was also the cargo ship El Faro (4,500m) off the coast of the Bahamas.

Then there was the South African Airways 295 (4,900m) off Mauritius. These wreckages laid far deeper than where oil and gas companies operate.

What if the wreckage is located in even more treacherous terrain?

The video above is only an example of what the Swire Seabed company does

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If it up to six kilometres deep high-tech underwater robots can handle the demands of recovery. But this time around, robots will do much of the work.

The Seabed Constructor has remotely-operated vehicles or ROVs on board that are fitted with LED lights.

They are able to record high-definition footage and is remotely driven by pilots on the surface.

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MH370 went missing in March 2014 and its now the biggest aviation mystery in history. The search started in this month and has so far not delivered any results.

Swire Seabed undertakEs the most challenging subsea operations. It serves mostly the global Oil and Gas industry. But the technology it has is useful for search and rescue operations.

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