RelationshipsAfter his real genital fell in the toilet, a man got one...

After his real genital fell in the toilet, a man got one attached to his arm

A father, 47, recounts how he lived with new genitals attached to his ARM for six years after his real one fell off in a toilet due to a blood infection.

He claims he burned the attachment while cooking and slapped his family in the face with his genitals when hugging them.

Malcom MacDonald of Norfolk had his genitals amputated 12 years ago. Medics created him a penis that was attached to his arm owing to surgery problems, and he appeared on Channel 4 as ‘The Man With a Penis on His Arm’ on Thursday night.

He told the audience how it has finally reattached in situ six years later.

The incredible story is making waves in the UK and now the strange man has a date.

Kate Beckinsale, an actress, said The Sun’s story about Malcolm MacDonald’s bizarrely placed todger had cheered her up.

The British paper says the actress was offered a saveloy – seasoned meat ready to eat – by the man in question — after she bigged him (showered him with praise) up online.

The mechanic had to live with the fake willy attached to his forearm for six years after his real one fell off in the toilet.

Kate posted the SUN’s story to her 5.3 million Insta followers, telling them: “This man said, ‘It’s not every day you see a man with a penis on his arm. Of course, I see the funny side’.

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“Of course he is from the UK. Of course he has done a photo shoot down the rec with a willy hanging out of his sleeve,” she wrote in her IG post.

“Feel momentarily better. God bless you, Malcolm xxx.”

The single Norfolk dad responded to the post.

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“I’d be happy to take her out for saveloy and chips, anytime. I’ll pay. But she’ll have to come to Thetford.

“She seems like a nice girl and it’s great she’s read my story and what I’ve been through.”

Yeah, It is not everyday you hear of a man who pees from his arm! And what about losing a penis in the toilet bowl? Or getting it reattached 6 years later between the legs?

What an incredible story!

Photo: Screenshot from The Sun UK

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