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After the Lamborghini story, a Malaysian husband surprises his wife with a RM3.2m office building.

A pregnant wife gifted her husband a pricey Lamborghini and the video went viral in Malaysia and across the globe.Now, it is the chance for a husband to reverse the trend.Aeril Zafrel, a Malaysian actor and entrepreneur, surprised his wife, Wawa Zainal, a businesswoman, with an RM3.2 million office building.


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Aeril took to Instagram to share a short video of him surprise Wawa at her newly remodelled workplace while blindfolded.

Wawa, whose actual name is Nur Hawa Zainal Abidin, told Harian Metro that in addition to the RM3.2 million, the building’s rehabilitation, which began in June last year, cost another RM2 million.

Posted on Instagram, a video showing the actor with his wife visiting the office building, a three-floor complex renovated with a ‘French industrial’ concept, garnered close to 150,000 likes.

Wawa, who is the CEO of the celebrity couple’s chain business, Wawa Cosmetic. also said that owning an office building has been a desire of theirs since 2016.

“We’ve dreamed of this moment way before and we didn’t expect to be finally able to do it as there’s been lots of challenges ever since we started our business.

“We were laughed at, insulted and there were even those who thought we would file for divorce.

“When we first announced that we were getting married, a lot of people told us that we would live a hard life.

“Alhamdulillah, finally we’re able to prove that we can be successful too. Those words have only made us stronger till this day,” Wawa said.

The office building will also have space along with a warehouse for their product storage.
The renovation process cost them RM2 million and it started in June last year and took a long time to be fully completed.
It was designed by Aki Designer with a ‘French Industrial’ concept. The owners say there is space to invite resellers to come to meetings at the office.
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