InternationalAn artist claims he is having sexual relationships with Mona Lisa

An artist claims he is having sexual relationships with Mona Lisa

After hearing about individuals marrying trees and having sexual relationships with the digital game characters, one could conclude the insanity would end there. 

 But this one has taken disdain to a new level.

 Domingo Zapata, a world-renowned artist, claims he is having sexual encounters with the Mona Lisa painting, which is as unbelievable as it seems.

Zapata claims to have painted over 100 renditions of the Mona Lisa and claims to be in an intimate connection with it after spending so much time with it.

 In the not so long distant past, anyone who claimed to be having sexual connections with a painting was thought to be mad, immoral, or simply a person with a damaged head.

 It appears that nowadays, they are celebrated, instead of being despised for their twisted behaviours.

 In an interview with The Sun, Zapata, 47, said he spends so much time with the Mona Lisa that he has a love and sexual relationship with the picture.

 “I have been working with Mona Lisa for 15 years,” Zapata said. “When I was painting her so much, I would dream and I have a sexual relationship with her.”


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“If I was not having sex with her I would have quit a long time ago,” he told The Sun.

Zapata’s work has sold for over a million dollars in several cases. Sotheby’s recently handled the sale of one of his paintings for $1 million at a UNICEF charity auction in St. Barts.

Zapata stated he puked from amazement when his picture, Mona Lisa Bullfighter, sold.

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“My body just reacted because I was so nervous,” he told The Sun. “It is like you winning an Oscar and throwing up when you give the speech.”

Zapata is a New York-based artist who has recently captured the attention of celebrities with his unique take on Leonardo da Vinci’s famed Mona Lisa.

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