Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Apple iPad Air 2022 review

The new iPad Air 2022 is as the saying goes too cool for school. Apple has taken the 2020 model and upgraded it with newer parts but without shaking up the price point resulting in a tablet that is powerful but reasonably fairly priced.


With a storage of 64 gigabytes, there is the option to upgrade to 256 gigabytes but this comes at a significantly higher cost.

Camera, audio and speed

The device has a selfie camera that’s centered when the tablet is held vertically, in portrait. The camera is an updated 12-megapixel sensor with a 122-degree field of view and support for Apple’s Center Storage and subject tracking.

The camera app allows you to record in both regular and super-wide angle modes, ideal for getting the whole family into a FaceTime or a group meeting.

The dual speakers are clearer than the previous single speaker.

Externally it may look the same but the new model has done away with the A14 Bionic processor in favour of Apple’s lightning fast M1 chip.


The iPad Air is packaged with a 20-watt power brick and a USB C-to-C cable along with the usual literature and Apple logo stickers.

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In terms of using it as a laptop which has become a popular option with the magic keyboard in recent times. The iPadOS cannot replace a real desktop operating system simply because file management is difficult, multitasking isn’t fun and desktop web browsing is impossible.

The previous generation iPad Air is still more capable of anything the majority of users may want to do on a tablet so for most people this generation device is not that essential of an upgrade.


Battery life is as good as ever. Apple says the new iPad Air’s battery is good for 10 hours of surfing on the web on Wi-Fi. Obviously heavier usage will take up more battery but overall it’s still very decent.

Design and colour

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Like all its predecessors the model is slim and boxy with rounded corners.

The tablet comes in five colours; dark or light gray, pink, purple and blue. The iPad Air also supports the second generation Apple Pencil while the base iPad works only with the first generation model.

The second-gen Pencil charges automatically when you magnetically clip it to the top of the iPad, has a more pleasant-feeling matte material, and a flat side that prevents it from rolling off.



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