RelationshipsAwesome and still single? Here’s why

Awesome and still single? Here’s why

It’s a common perception that the prettiest and most attractive of women usually don’t remain single for long especially considering how obsessed men are with beauty and sex appeal.

You may be confident, attractive and have a great career and still romance continues to elude you. Here are some possible reasons why;

1. Men are intimidated by you.

Hot women are usually confident and men may find that confidence intimidating. It would in turn take an equally confident man to approach a hot woman.

But don’t despair it’s a good thing because this way a man who does approach you has probably had to muster a lot of confidence and thought long and hard about how he is going to woo you rather than using typical cheesy lines.

So stay classy and enjoy the attention

2. You’re not ready to settle for just about anyone

Attractive women are naturally ambitious and often adventurous. Getting into a relationship can sound like a liability unless the other person is really worth the effort and never just for the sake of it.

Additionally age is never a barrier for you as no matter how old you are you always believe you’re attractive enough to get a man so why rush and why settle.

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3. You’re marriage material

In the old days this would be a good thing but unfortunately many men are commitment phobic or at least not looking for marriage in the near to long term or maybe they’re just looking to hook up.

A woman who is confident and attractive usually means she is sorted and is looking for something long term. So fret not it’s a way of natural selection, this way those who you aren’t interested in for short term frolics automatically weed themselves out anyway.

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4. People think you’re already taken

This one is a popular problem with the beauties. How can they possibly be single and available? Something must be wrong. The truth just maybe that you’re too busy enjoying life and though you may long for a significant other, it isn’t obvious because of your exuberant nature.

But very often many women do feel lonely and don’t have an answer for why they are still single. Their personal lives can be emotionally volatile and sometimes a woman has no idea when or who she should settle for if anyone.

5. It appears like you’re so independent you don’t need anyone

Some people are so good at being alone that it feels like they don’t need anyone and that’s the vibe you may be giving out without realising it. Enjoying your own company is awesome and if you’re completely fulfilled on your own that’s fine too but it’s possible that the vibe is the problem if you’re not.

6. You’re not quite making the effort to put yourself out there

Maybe it’s time to go out instead of staying in all the time or put on a nice dress for that grocery run instead of lounge pants and a your hair tied up in a bun. After all you never know who you might bump into.

Don’t always wait for a formal ask out. Join conversations in groups that you’re in that appeal to you and make the effort to share your opinions and make random suggestions as well.

7. Relationships are scary

This one holds true for many even the most attractive among us. Once bitten twice shy. If you’ve been hurt before it’s very difficult to get back in the relationship saddle and try again. Sometimes it’s just easier to be alone and that’s ok too.

Simply put life is more fun if you have someone to share it with but in the meantime it shouldn’t be put on hold either as there’s plenty of fun to be had with good friends and great company.

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