Bill Gates' daughter is engaged

Bill Gates’ daughter is engaged

Jennifer Gates announced her engagement to Nayel Nassar, an equestrian athlete on January 29

IT tycoon Bill Gates’ daughter, Jennifer Gates just got engaged to Nayel Nassar, an equestrian athlete. Gates and Nassar shared on Wednesday that Nassar asked her for her hand in marriage and Gates, 23 said yes. Gates and Nassar uploaded photos of the diamond ring as well as the announcement to their fans on Instagram.

Gates wrote that Nassar is a stand-out and that he deeply inspired her the past weekend, astonishing her at a location that was important to the both of them.

She added that she cannot wait to spend the remainder of their lives learning, developing, laughing and adoring each other and she said her answer was yes a million times over.

Nassar likewise wrote in his Instagram account about his life partner.

Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Gates just got engaged. Picture: Instagram

According to him, she said yes and he feels like the most fortunate and most joyful man on the planet at the present time. He said that she is all that he envisioned in a life partner and more.

He said he cannot wait to continue developing together through this excursion called life and he can’t imagine his life without her any longer. He expressed his gratitude towards her for causing each and every day to feel like a fantasy to him. He finished with ‘here’s to forever!’

Gates is a medical student and an equestrian athlete. 2020 appears to be a bustling year for her. Bill Gates and spouse Melinda Gates presently have yet to say anything regarding the engagement yet but the couple recently celebrated their anniversary. January 1 marks 26 years of marriage for Bill and Melinda Gates.

Melinda posted on Instagram that New Year’s Day will be extra special for her as it marks a fresh year and opportunity to celebrate being married to Bill Gates. She said today makes 26 and she is still marvelling at how full a heart can get. She wished a happy anniversary to the man who keeps her dancing through life.


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