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Blackpink Lisa’s clothes from Elle Korea covers sold out

Blackpink group members set trends and each one of them are known for their iconic outfits and fashion sense. As each one of them is a trend setter in their own right, fashion houses often clamour for them to don their outfits and designs.

All the members are ambassadors for at least one luxury brand name. When Blackpink’s Lisa graced multiple covers of Elle Korea recently the outfits from two of the covers sold out almost immediately.

One of the covers had her sporting long blonde hair, sharp winger liner and a classy knitted jacket.

The jacket may only have been one part of the ensemble but fans snapped it up within minutes. The “Chasseur” jacket was on the Celine website and was priced at USD$3,600.

Similarly in another cover issue, Lisa rocked a black suit jacket with matching shorts, a sparkly crop top and a chic black belt. Just like the previous issue fans quickly bought all the expensive items from the Celine website.

These included a USD$2,950 jude jacket, USD$1,850 viscose crop top, USD$395 Elegant 11 Belt and a USD$ triple-pleated tux shorts.

Seeing how quickly Lisa sold out all the items, it’s no surprise as to why Celine chose her to be their brand ambassador.

The vocalist became the global ambassador for the brand’s ready to wear and accessories in 2020. She is also the face of its haute parfumerie.

In addition to Celine, Lisa is also Bvlgari’s ambassador for Korea. Aside from her the other members also represent high-end brands, Jennie for Chanel, Jisoo for Dior and Rose for Yves Saint Laurent.

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