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EntertainmentCrazy Rich Asians spinoff in the pipeline

Crazy Rich Asians spinoff in the pipeline

When Crazy Rich Asians hit the big screen in 2018, filmgoers particularly in Asia were thrilled that finally a show which depicts diversity could so charmingly woo audiences all over the world. Capitalizing on the success of the movie, a new spinoff film adapted from Kevin Kwan’s book is now in the pipeline focusing on the characters of Astrid Young Teo and Charlie Wu played by Gemma Chan and Harry Shui Jr.

The screenplay for the spinoff will be written by Jason Kim and is a separate movie from the Crazy Rich Asians sequel itself though it is loosely based on Kwan’s second book entitled Crazy Rich Girlfriend.

Kim was nominated for an Emmy for producing the HBO hit Barry and is also known for his work on Girls.

The storyline for the spinoff will revolve around Astrid reconnecting with Charlie. Charlie was her first love and they had been engaged but Astrid’s parents had broken them up as Charlie was not seen as suitable husband material.

The movie Crazy Rich Asians was a box office hit raking in $238.5 worldwide and is also the first Hollywood film since the Joy Luck Club in 1993 to have an all Asian cast. The beautiful and intriguing Chan was one of the most compelling performers and her character quickly built a steady fan following. Post Crazy Rich Asians, Chan has gone on to star in films like Raya and the Last Dragon, Captain Marvel and Eternals. She will be seen next in Olivia Wilde’s thriller Don’t Worry Darling in September.

In the meantime fans of the book and movie can keenly anticipate how the spinoff will go as Astrid Teo as well as Charlie Wu’s character unfolds and evolves.

No date has been slated for the release of both the sequel or spin-off as of now.




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