SingaporeDaiso customer unhappy that franchise rounded payment upwards

Daiso customer unhappy that franchise rounded payment upwards

A customer of Daiso has taken to a Facebook group to express his unhappiness that Daiso has rounded payment for his purchase upwards. In sharing the receipt of his purchase with the Facebook Group, ‘Concerned Citizens Band Together for a better Singapore’, the customer said, “Rounding means you pay extra 3 cents on top of more GST. Got it. This is not called profiteering?”

Most people who responded to the customer’s post said that the merchant was unscrupulous or unethical. They suggested that the rounding off should have been downwards.

“Instead of rounding 3 cents upwards, they should have rounded 2 cents downwards … the smaller rounding applies, doesn’t it?”

“Wrong way of rounding off here. If the figure is 0.325 or more, it is rounded up to 0.35. For 0.32 it should be rounded down to 0.30. This shop should be reported for profiteering using GST as an excuse.”

“The G or biz entities should clarify where all these rounded up monies end up at the end of the day. If no clarification is no different from stealing from us consumers.”

“Companies inadvertently make more profit after rounding up.”

“I’ve met some shops/stores rounding down not up…. So they are just wanted to earn more but not less…😪😪😪 Now knowing such rounding up to some might not shop there otherwise if people don’t mind of paying few more cents.”

“3 cents out of $4.32 is 0.7%. It may be a small amount but it adds up to a significant amount for a large chain store like Daiso! That should be considered illegal business tactic since when rounding off, it should be round off to the nearest value which in this case, $4.30.”

One Facebook user said, “Daiso has been doing that since last year. They add on the 7% in unlike before, when price was included with GST @$2. That’s the only shop that I know which rounds up. Others major store are rounding down adjustments for cash payments.”

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In April last year, Daiso announced that its items are no longer going at S$2 in anticipation of the GST hike. It added that the items at Daiso Singapore will also be priced at different tiers, with the most expensive items costing up to S$25.47.


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