RelationshipsDate night in, romance at home

Date night in, romance at home

With the pandemic continuing to rage on for years, many of our best laid plans have gone awry. Dates and outings often get cancelled at the last minute and it feels like life has become a little dull but fret not. Here are a few fun activities that can be done in the comfort of your own home as you plan a date night in.

Cook a simple meal together

Check out a simple recipe for a dish that you both like and get cooking. Obviously ordering take-out can be much easier but what’s the fun in that. There’s nothing like some bonding over cooking and while you’re at it you can crack open a bottle of wine and catch up on your day as you try out your new recipe too.

Virtual tour anyone?

Yes we all know travelling is such a challenge now and very difficult too with so many restrictions and requirements in place.

One solution is to go globe-trotting and visit world heritage sites, museums or even your favourite dance clubs virtually. Choose locations that you both like and treat it as a sneak preview of the real thing as you plan an actual vacation while taking the virtual tour.

Board games and puzzles

Ditch your gadgets and gizmos for some old school board games like Monopoly or Risk or even a game of chess. Better yet bring out that 1,000 word jigsaw puzzle that is lying in storage and put it all together as you both hone your spatial skills and have a laugh as you struggle to complete it.

Drawing and painting

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If both of you have an artistic bent it’s time to bring out the colours and paints. You can even take simple rocks or pieces of wood from your garden or living area and use some acrylic colours to give them a lift as both of you relax, chat and express your creativity at the same time.

Create a home spa

This may not be suitable for your first few dates but if you’ve been together for ages and are looking to liven up your relationship why not draw each other hot bubble baths, put on some scented oils and just relax with a glass of bubbly. Face masks and massages can also be an option to throw into the mix depending on your preference.

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The choices are plentiful, and if all of the above seems like too much effort there’s always the option of cuddling up in front of the couch with a classic movie or your favourite comedy or musical together.


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