Uncategorized‘Egg’-ing to be purchased, eggs 55 cent cheaper at FairPrice

‘Egg’-ing to be purchased, eggs 55 cent cheaper at FairPrice

It’s a good time to increase your protein intake with eggs as Singaporean food chain, FairPrice is offering a 55 cent discount on their in-house brand eggs.

FairPrice’s Pasar Fresh Eggs will be available at $6.95 for 30 eggs which is 55 cents off the regular price of $7.50.

The offer will be from April 20 to 27 subject to availability of stock. Each customer is allocated up to two trays of 30 eggs each.

Comparatively eggs at other outlets such as Sheng Siong costs $7.50.

According to FairPrice Group chief procurement officer Tung Ah Yiam, FairPrice is constantly striving to provide good value in multiple ways such as special discounts for products whenever possible.

He added that the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russo-Ukraine war have led to rising egg prices as the cost of goods, labour and logistics rise.

This has been compounded by the fact that hens at local farms have come down with Newcastle disease, a contagious and fatal disease that affects poultry, which further decreased egg production in the nation.

FairPrice also imports eggs from Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and Poland in addition to using local eggs.

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