SingaporeElderly couple die in Sengkang condo fire - couple said to be...

Elderly couple die in Sengkang condo fire – couple said to be friendly and kind

A unit in a condominium in Sengkang caught fire in the early morning. A 78-year-old couple died in the fire. The neighbors interviewed expressed their sadness and pointed out that the deceased was very friendly when he was alive. He would encourage and care for each other when chatting with young people. He was very amiable.

A unit on the 14th-floor of Rivervale Crest condominium in Sengkang caught fire at around 1:00 am on Sunday (27 November).

The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) said that upon arrival, the fire was raging inside the unit and that they had to do forcible entry to penetrate into the smoke-logged unit to fight the fire.

The fire involved contents of a bedroom and was extinguished by SCDF with a water jet. During the firefighting operation, SCDF found three unconscious persons in the unit. They were carried out of the unit and brought to the ground floor.

SCDF’s emergency medical services personnel commenced Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on two of the persons and conveyed them to Sengkang General Hospital. The third person was conveyed to Singapore General Hospital.

Two of the people conveyed to the hospital were a 78-year-old couple. They both died later in the hospital. The other victim is a 73-year-old man.

About 150 persons from neighbouring units were evacuated by the Police as a precautionary measure.

The cause of fire is under investigation said SCDF.

Condo residents in shock

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Residents who were later interviewed by the media said that the fire in the unit was so violent that the flames could be seen from a distance. They choked back tears on hearing the news of the death of the couple. They described the elderly couple as being energetic and amiable persons.

The couple were known to be health conscious and would exercise at about 5 or 6am every morning regardless of the weather. And they would also warmly greet all neighbours they meet in the morning. The neighbours said that they could not accept that the couple were now no more.

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