AsiaEx-international school teacher jailed five years for sexual acts and dating 14-year-old...

Ex-international school teacher jailed five years for sexual acts and dating 14-year-old girl

A male teacher asked a 14-year-old female student to be his girlfriend; after the two had sex, the male teacher told the girl it was a “natural thing” and gave her birth control pills to prevent her from getting pregnant.

The accused, a 29-year-old man, on August 5th, pleaded guilty to three counts of sexually assaulting a minor and was sentenced to five years in prison; the sentence also took into account two other crimes.

The court heard that the accused, a Singapore permanent resident, taught at a local international school from January to June 2019. In February of the same year, the 14-year-old victim arrived from overseas, and a month later went to the school where the accused worked.

At the time, the accused was the victim’s math teacher, and the two later exchanged contact information and began chatting on social messaging software, while the victim also confided in the accused.

In early April 2019, the victim and her 20-year-old male friend were invited to the accused’s home. The accused hugged the victim and they kissed each other on the cheek in the living room before the victim’s friend arrived.

After the victim’s friend arrived, the three of them had lunch and watched a movie together. After the victim’s friend left, the accused proposed that the victim be his girlfriend, and the victim readily agreed.

Kissing girls at school

After the two confirmed their relationship, the accused would kiss the victim at school when no one was looking. The court revealed that the accused knew that the victim was only 14 years old and would ask her not to tell the relationship between the two because “it would damage her reputation”.

During the relationship, the accused also told the victim that the relationship between the couple was “natural”, so the two often went to the accused’s house to have sex.

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One day in April 2019, the two had sex while watching a movie in the accused’s room, when the victim was “nervous” and “surprised” and she felt pain during the process. The accused later bought a contraceptive pill for the victim and told her to follow his instructions because he was worried about the victim’s unintended pregnancy.

Shortly after, the victim informed the accused that she planned to transfer schools, and the two officially broke up on June 14, 2019.

In July of the same year, when the victim returned home to celebrate her 15th birthday with her family, she confessed everything to her mother, and after returning to China, together with the local guardian, reported the accused to the police.

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Victims feel sad and horrified by the incident

The accused was arrested at Changi Airport when he arrived in September 2019, as the accused had returned to his home country after the victim reported the case.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Colin Ng told the court told the court, citing a report from the Institute of Mental Health, that victim felt “sad, angry and intimidated” after she started having sex with the accused, and that she was “fearful of men and had difficulty trusting others”.

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