SingaporeFamily of Maserati driver who dragged police officer appeals for impounded car...

Family of Maserati driver who dragged police officer appeals for impounded car to be returned to repay loans

The driver of a sports car who dragged a traffic police for over 100 meters more than five years ago was sentenced, and his Maserati sports car was also confiscated. The driver’s family has now applied to the court to return the sports car.

Family members of the convict Lee Cheng Yan said that they and their elderly parents have been paying a large amount of legal fees for the defendant and taking care of his 4-year-old twin daughters in Japan, so they hope to get back by selling the sports car these costs.

The case took place in November 2017 when the defendant was driving without a seat belt. He was asked to stop by traffic police, and was found driving without a license. Lee attempted to escape while the traffic policeman was still standing beside the driver’s seat, causing the traffic policeman to be dragged for about 124 meters.

Lee was eventually sentenced to six years and eight months in prison and had his driver’s license was suspended for life.

Lee expressed in court on 25th January through an interpreter that he hopes to have the opportunity to claim the sports car back. The family pointed out that the family would not condone his crimes.

The family said that the mother sold the jewelry in order to lend money to the younger brother, and the father also borrowed money from his only insurance for him, which has not been repaid so far. Lee has promised to repay the money owed to his parents with the proceeds from the sale of the sports car. The family was however, unable to submit transfer documents to support their claim as the sports car is still impounded.

The Deputy Public Prosecutor asked the Court for the case to be adjourned for four weeks for Lee’s family to prepare any submissions, and for the prosecution to perform checks on whether any credit companies are linked to the purchase of the Maserati.

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