Father and son behead ex-cop before cooking and eating his body

Father and son behead ex-cop before cooking and eating his body

A father and son have been accused of beheading an ex-cop before cooking and consuming his body. Both suspects who are involved in the incident that occurred in Saltivka, Ukraine have not been named as investigations are ongoing.

According to the local authorities, civilians stumbled upon a headless corpse covered garbage bags in a residential area. The police immediately responded to the scene and discovered knife wounds on the body that indicated that flesh had been sliced off.

One resident who found the corpse, Alexandra Grabeynik, told reporters: “I looked and it seemed like there was no head…I looked again – definitely. Detectives questioned us and told us he had no head. And then his trousers rolled up and it turned out that they had cut meat from there.”

The police later raided the apartment belonging to the father and son and found the victim’s head stashed in a box in the pair’s balcony. Police promptly apprehended the father and son, who were half naked in the apartment.

National police chief in the Kharhic region, Oleg Bekh, told the press: “They [the dad and son] were detained. A search was carried out in their home, as a result of which the head of the deceased and other material evidence was found on the balcony in a box.”

The victim has been identified as a 45-year-old ex-policeman who went missing on Oct 4. The deceased, who was last seen drinking with two men, died as a result of a stab wound to the neck.

The 20-year-old son later claimed that his father sliced ‘meat’ off of the victim’s legs and ribs before boiling it in his cooker. The young man added that he and his father ate the flesh.

Disturbingly, the son also said that the pair stashed the headless corpse outside their flat and hid the head in a box on their balcony since they were expecting relatives who were planning on staying with them.

The police have classified the case as a murder. Investigations are ongoing.

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