Fish Leong’s ex-hubby leaves suggestive comment on Demi Lin’s Instagram

Fish Leong’s ex-hubby leaves suggestive comment on Demi Lin’s Instagram

Although the comment was eventually deleted, netizens managed to share it all over social media before that

Wine merchant Tony Chao is under scrutiny by netizens for leaving an implicit comment on influencer Demi Lin’s Instagram photo.

Mr Chao made headlines for divorcing Malaysian singer Fish Leong last September 2019.

Although never clearly disclosed, there have been sources that claimed the split was due to Tony’s infidelity, reported Today.

Two months after the divorce, Mr Chao was spotted spending time with single mom Lin Yijie. They were seen holding hands in Taiwan and appeared to be more than friends, reports said.

Soon after, a photo of Mr Chao, Yijie and Demi Lin on holiday in Singapore circulated on social media. The trio even wore matching Sesame Street shirts. According to 8 DAYS, Mr Chao paid for all their holiday expenses.

On February 3, Monday, Ms Lin posted a photo of herself in a bikini on her Instagram and Mr Chao left the following statement: “Hard…fist is hard.”

It was made on the video below. It features Ms Lin spending time by the pool of the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.

Although the comment was eventually deleted, nothing could get past the scrutiny of netizens. Beginning on February 17, screenshots of the implicit suggestion was quickly shared all over social media platforms, reported 8 DAYS.

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Mr Chao is not a newbie in leaving comments on Ms Lin’s Instagram profile. In September, a week after the divorce announcement, he commented, “You talking about the cap?” to Ms Lin’s post with the following caption: “I don’t wanna live without you…I don’t wanna be alone, and I miss your every angle; I do not know what to do.” Ms Lin replied, “Exactly!” to Mr Chao’s question.

The comment was also deleted.
On November 2, Mr Chao commented “So beautiful” on a photo of Ms Lin. It seems this was the only one not removed. Mr Chao used the following Instagram handle:chaostaipei88.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/@cocomademedomydream

Ex-hubby of Fish Leong spotted with two women in Singapore

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