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Footage of Proton driver overtaking fire truck and using siren to beat traffic sparks fury online

Proton driver overtaking fire truck using siren draws ire online

PETALING JAYA — Dashcam footage of a Proton Wira driver using a fire truck’s siren to escape a traffic jam has sparked fury in the online community.

Firefighter Mohd Ridzwan Shah posted the video to his TikTok on March 28 to urge Malaysian road users to give way to emergency vehicles.

“Please give your cooperation when you hear emergency sirens and do not follow the example of the driver in this video,” wrote Mohd Ridzwan.

The minute-long video shows the fire truck approaching an intersection believed to be on Jalan Bakar Batu in Johor Baru.

As cars on both lanes started to make way for the fire truck, a black Proton Wira is seen creeping in from the left and overtaking the fire truck.

The firefighters can be heard reacting with disdain as they were forced to trail behind the Proton Wira and got stuck behind it when the driver hesitated to cross the intersection.

They honked repeatedly at the Proton, causing the driver to stick his arm out of the window and signal to cars coming from other directions to stop and let them pass through the intersection.

“This Wira driver is so rude,” said one of the men inside the fire truck as the Proton continued to weave its way through the traffic jam thanks to the emergency siren.

Mohd Ridzwan’s video has gained more than 2.7 million views on TikTok since it was posted, with many people calling out the selfish behaviour of the driver.

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“Everyone else was moving to the side, but the Wira casually went forward. This person really just took advantage of the situation,” said Nabilah Abdul Wahab on TikTok.

Another user was willing to consider that the Proton Wira driver may have been facing his own emergency which led him to act the way he did on the road.

“I feel like maybe he wanted to help and tell others to clear the way (for the fire truck), or maybe he’s facing his own difficulties.

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“Anyway, think positive,” wrote the user.

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