Business & EconomyFormer OnlyFans creator Titus Low clarifies rumours on engagement with Cheryl Chin

Former OnlyFans creator Titus Low clarifies rumours on engagement with Cheryl Chin

Local internet celebrity Titus Low, who was involved in a lawsuit for allegedly posting lewd photos and videos online, has recently announced his engagement with Malaysian female internet celebrity Cheryl Chin after just six hours of dating. Titus claimed that he had similar interests with the woman, believing the other was his “only”.

Titus Low, 22, faces five charges so far for allegedly posting lewd photos and videos on online platforms. He was accused of uploading 32 explicit photographs and 29 videos to the online platform, and of failing to comply with an order that prohibited him from accessing his OnlyFans account. He is currently out on bail and faces up to 21 months in prison if convicted.

As for his fiancée, Cheryl Chin, one of the influencers of local media company Titan Digital Media, has nearly 100,000 followers on social media Instagram and nearly 700,000 on TikTok. Two years ago, she released an original single “YOU” promoting the importance of mental health.

The couple recently created a new channel “Titus & Cheryl” on YouTube, and released a 6-minute and 41-second question-and-answer video in response to various questions from social media users, including how the two met, why they got married, and so on.

The two have only known each other for two weeks

Cheryl revealed that he and Titus met at the third wedding anniversary of local internet celebrity Tan Jianhao and his wife. For the next two weeks, the two decided to become a couple after chatting through social media Instagram private messages and going out on a few dates.

Just six hours after they dated, that is, when they were enjoying a late-night snack with a friend at a hot pot restaurant at 4 am one day, Jian Hao’s wife Debbie Soon jokingly suggested that the two get engaged.

Cheryl admitted that the reaction of the two was a bit too improvised at the time, but she herself upheld the mentality of “you only live once”, and with Titus’ readily agreed, they quickly got engaged.

Titus said he and Cheryl shared interests and developed a relationship after a few days together. After six hours of dating, the man proposed to the woman. “I feel comfortable with her, not oppressive, just happy.”

Titus: Marriage means giving your life to your partner

Some social media users questioned whether Titus got married because Cheryl was pregnant. He vehemently denied it, emphasizing that the woman was indeed not pregnant.

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When it comes to their views on marriage, Titus said that married life means dedicating one’s life to a partner and committing to give it wholeheartedly for her; Cheryl described marriage as a partnership, which is a long-term job that will dedicate one’s life to Dedicated to each other, and revealed that she has now moved from the United States to Singapore to live with Titus.

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