RelationshipsHe’s just not that into you! When to call it quits

He’s just not that into you! When to call it quits

Been together for what seems like forever and it feels like the relationship is going nowhere? Never met the family? Any talk of the future is always obscure and unclear?

Deciding when to move on and call it quits is never easy but here are a few signs that your partner just isn’t into you and it may be time to move on;

1. He is chronically indecisive. If he says he loves you but can never actually commit to living with you or getting married, this push and pull may drive you nuts and erode your self esteem completely.

2.You feel a growing sense of disillusionment. If you find yourself pointing out or constantly looking for shortcomings in your partner, this may be a sign of self sabotage or that you’re looking for a way out of the relationship. Deciding to break up sooner rather than later may spare you a lot of heartbreak down the road.

3. Breaking promises. If you’re with someone who constantly says they are going to do something but never follows through, that’s a sign that they are just never going to become reliable or change. If they keep making excuses for their unreliability that’s also a sign that they think you’re just not that important enough or that they’re habitually unreliable.

4. You’re together because you make all the effort. Do you make all the plans all of the time? That just means that there is an imbalance and the other person isn’t pulling their weight in the relationship at all.

5. Are you keeping a deep dark secret and it’s secretly killing you knowing that if you confess it might lead to a break up? A secret love child perhaps, or a crime in the family? If it’s something you think he won’t understand if you share it, it can seriously erode trust in each other if it ever comes to light and even if it doesn’t that really is no way to live. The other person could also feel cheated if they find out down the road and it doesn’t bode well for the future.

6. Being together yet feeling lonely. This is another one to watch out for. If you aren’t getting the emotional support and can’t talk to your partner about the hard stuff you’re going through there really may be no point to it if he only wants to hear the good things all the time. Had a bad day and complaints make him angry? Is he constantly emotionally unavailable? It’s time to re-evaluate the situation. Being with someone and yet feeling isolated is a terrible feeling, know that you can get out and find someone who makes you feel valued, connected and supported.

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