InternationalHilarious responses follow Samsung's removal of Z from a phone model

Hilarious responses follow Samsung’s removal of Z from a phone model

We can use terms like hilarious and perplexing to describe what happened after Samsung became the latest business to remove the letter Z from a phone model branding.

Because Russia is displaying the letter Z on their military vehicles, a few corporations and countries have chosen to ignore the last alphabet.

They claim their ban is in support of the Ukrainian government, which has been under a Russian military onslaught since February.

In the three Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, Samsung silently omitted the Z letter from the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G names.

The move has not been publicly explained, but it appears to be an attempt by the South Korean brand to disassociate Russia from its business among pro-Ukrainian folks.

Unlike the International Monetary Fund, which is probably a rare entity controlled by Western nations that have refused to ban Russia from its organisation, Samsung has decided to follow the anti-Russian trend.

People are commenting that “The invasion is a massacre and such a shame in this century. renaming a product doesn’t give relief to anyone.”

Or people should simply boycott Samsung and buy ‘cheap phones from China’ to which others replied by asking which ‘phones, iPhones or other phones that are also made in China”?

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“Next the letter ‘N’ will be under attack for being a ‘Z’ lying down after a bottle of Vodka.
Stupid people, stupid world.”

“Well I guess we won’t be watching ‘World War Z’


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“I never use this brand, samsuck”

These are some of the funny comments made on Samsung for the unwarranted mixup of the brand in a political matter.

Unlike the International Monetary Fund, which did not want to be part of the political game of banning Russia, perhaps Samsung decided to be ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’.

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