InternationalHow to take down surveillance drones using tomato cans?

How to take down surveillance drones using tomato cans?

Since the war started two weeks ago, Ukrainians have demonstrated tremendous tenacity. While many of the videos and tales coming out of Ukraine are false news, according to British tabloids, this one has a lot of authenticity.

Over the weekend, Liubov Tsybulska, a Ukrainian government advisor, recounted how a woman in Kyiv used a jar of cucumbers from her balcony to take down a Russian drone.

But it was not a jar of cucumbers that was used, it was a jar of pickled tomatoes.

It appears that keeping pickles and other products in tin cans or jars in your storeroom is a smart idea. In the case of a conflict, you may need them to attack the enemy’s flying technology rather than to eat.

Elena, who lives in Dniprovskyi, works at a small business in a Kyiv area.

She claimed that she was taking a cigarette break on her balcony in the early morning when an object began to float in the distance.

She initially believed it was a bird until she heard a slight buzzing sound.

The mother of two grabbed the first thing she saw in her kitchen and hurled it at the gadget.

“I was afraid. I thought it may start firing at me. But what a pity for those tomatoes…they were my favourite!”

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After watching the drone crash to the ground, she and her husband trampled on the remains and hid the parts in different bins.

“I do not understand electronics. But later that day, suspicious young men showed up at the entrance of our building,” she said.

“I asked them loudly what did they want and they fled away quickly. Maybe they were looters looking for apartments without occupants.”

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“I’m not going anywhere from Kyiv. I decided so instantly. This is my home, my land. I will stand, gnaw, fight, and fight some more. I’ll do all that is necessary.”

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