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‘I did one of the most regrettable things in my life’ — Wang Xiaofei apologises for saying Barbie Hsu took drugs during their marriage

“I apologized to them yesterday for my immature and irrational behavior, and here I am again openly apologizing to them. If you do something wrong, you have to admit it.” — Wang Xiaofei

Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei has apologised for alleging that his ex-wife, actress Barbie Hsu, took drugs during their marriage. He has also taken down the Weibo post containing the allegations.

On May 31 (Tuesday), he wrote in another Weibo post: “Yesterday, on impulse, I have done the most regrettable thing in my life. I feel so guilty towards Barbie, our children, and her mother.”

He had written in his first post that the Taiwanese actress, to whom he had been married for over ten years before their November 2021 split, had taken illegal drugs while they were still together. 

Wang also wrote that these drugs had been obtained through other people’s prescriptions and that he had paid for them.

He added in his post that he had previously apologised to Hsu and her mother, Huang Chunmei, and wrote, “If you do something wrong, you must admit it. 

If a 40-year-old person speaks irresponsibly, everyone should be able to laugh. I accept all the criticism and ridicule on the internet.”

The businessman promised not to “disturb Barbie Hsu’s life” again, except for issues pertaining to their two children, a girl born in 2014 and a boy born in 2016.

Hsu’s agent had denied Wang’s allegations.

“Barbie has never done anything illegal, and she never forces anyone around her to do anything,” the agent is quoted as saying in Yahoo!Life.

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Wang had written about Hsu’s drug use in connection to recent photos published of him in intimate positions with other women, according to Oriental Daily.

In one photo, the businessman can be seen kneeling in front of and hugging a woman, which was said to have been taken before the two got divorced.

But Wang said that he and his ex-wife had been discussing divorce since February 2021, a time that had been difficult for him.

The businessman added, ”It was during this period that I made a drunken mistake due to emotional struggle. The photos were taken by friends.”

He also wrote that he would file a lawsuit due to the photos that were published.

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Wang then put up another post where he alleged that Hsu had taken drugs, for which he paid RMB 1 million per month for the prescriptions.

But he took down the second post five minutes after publishing it. /TISG

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