Kim Kardashian's daughter Chicago looks different in latest photo

Kim Kardashian’s daughter Chicago looks different in latest photo

Reality star shares photo on the at-home version of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

It is easy to get bored and restless during the Covid-19 quarantine but it seems like Kim Kardashian is having fun at home with her four children, according to on Sunday (April 19).

It reported that Kim had appeared on the at-home version of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and that she had shared a cute photo of her younger daughter in a wig. The reality star said that she had gone into another room and saw her older daughter North, who is six, putting a wig on her younger sister Chicago, who is two. Fallon said that Chicago with wig looked like Annie, star of the musical with the same name.

Kim shared that she was “hiding” from her kids by having the interview in her mother Kris Jenner’s room.

Kim Kardashian shows a photo of Chicago looking like Annie. Picture: YouTube

She went into the room through a separate entrance to avoid bumping into her mother.

Kim said her daily routine includes her children’s school work. Kim and North have to stop for PE and go run up and down the backyard or yoga. Kim shared that her children love  making forts at home and that every room in the house is a different fort.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is enjoying family time even though it may be hectic having young children in the house. Even her children enjoy it. Kim told Fallon that it is “so fun” with her children at home and that her children think it is the best thing ever.

Earlier this month, Kim went on social media to ask her fans for advice on how to entertain her children during the lockdown. However, she did not get the response she was looking for. A large number of fans told her that she has a lot of money and should not be stuck for ideas.

Kim also posted a funny video of herself recently. She was doing a make-up tutorial before being interrupted by North, who was trying to copy her mother. Kim said in the video that her children would not leave her alone, to which North responded that it was mean of her mother to say that.

North was also in Kim’s video last week that was posted on California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Instagram account urging local residents to stay at home during the Covid-19 quarantine. However, North was seen telling her mother to be more busy with her children  and not her friend. Kim also has two sons — Saint, who is five, and Psalm, who is one.   /TISG

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