InternationalKnocks from a coffin save a woman from getting buried alive!

Knocks from a coffin save a woman from getting buried alive!

Proclaimed dead, set to rest in a coffin and transported to the burial ground and everyone in the family and among friends, that was it. The woman was dead and will be buried soon.

But suddenly, they heard knocking from inside the coffin, prompting the grieving family members to take a leap of faith and reopen the cofffin.

To their utter surprise, they found that the woman, Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca, was still alive!

The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital. According to reports, she was immediately connected to a life-support system.

Sadly, Rosa’s condition deteriorated a few hours after being admitted to the hospital, and she died later that day.

Rosa Isabel was prematurely declared dead following an accident in Lambayeque, Peru.

Her brother-in-law was killed in the car accident in Chiclayo-Picsi province, and three nephews were seriously injured.

Rosa was placed in a coffin for burial last Tuesday, but a knocking sound from inside the coffin ‘interrupted’ the ceremony.

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Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca, 36, was killed in an automobile accident on the Chiclayo-Ferreafe highway in April 2022.

This is what her family and friends believe led to her death. Her death was confirmed on April 26, and her family immediately began making funeral arrangements for her.

The video shows the crowd of mourners making a lot of noise after they found out that she was still alive in the coffin.

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In the video, police officers are seen carrying the coffin and placing it in a truck, which then transports it to a hospital, where doctors and nurses are seen monitoring the woman who was still inside the coffin.

Rosa’s family has expressed their outrage at the hospital’s healthcare facilities and has demanded answers as a result. They are asking how did they pronounce her dead in the first place while she was still alive!

While this is not the first time a person who is declared dead comes back to life, this story here seems to have caught a lot of attention on social medias in Peru and around the world.

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