AsiaKorean actor's father addresses letter to those who sent condolences, comforted family

Korean actor’s father addresses letter to those who sent condolences, comforted family

Moon Ji Yoon, who was 36, died suddenly of acute septicaemia, or poisoning of the blood

Less than a week after the shocking news of the sudden death of Korean actor Moon Ji Yoon, his agency has released a letter from his father addressed to those who had sent their condolences and words of comfort to the family.

Mr Moon Kwang Suk wrote: “It has already been three days since I suddenly had to send my son to heaven. As his father, I still cannot believe what happened, and my heavy heart is aching. But I will try to exert myself for the many people who grieved and cried and suffered with us during Ji Yoon’s funeral rites.”

He continued: “Since middle school, Ji Yoon said he wanted to be an actor. The acting school was far from our house, so during his walks there, he would practise his pronunciation and vocalisation or lines and gestures for an upcoming audition. His dream to become an actor was very sincere. He debuted at a young age and for 19 years, he appeared in many projects. I remember that when he was cast in a project, he would never let go of the script in his determination not to disappoint the director, writer, and production staff.”

Mr Moon also shared how much his son loved basketball, as well as his recent joy over a commercial that he was asked to star in, 15 years since his last one. “He had made up his mind to work even harder at his craft, but one day, he said that his throat hurt. In two days, he had a high fever. He was admitted to the hospital for treatment but passed away three days later.”

Ji Yoon, 36, died of acute septicaemia, or poisoning of the blood. The actor had gone to the hospital on March 16 complaining of a sore throat but suddenly lost consciousness and passed away on the night of March 18.

Although the family had planned to hold a quiet funeral due to the Covid-19 pandemic and how it is affecting South Korea, people still came to pay their respects to an actor who died too young. Mr Moon thanked all those who had sent in their condolences: “Thank you for making Ji Yoon’s final journey less lonely”.

He said: “When I think about the many people to whom I feel grateful, I feel tears welling up again. We sent Ji Yoon off with the things that he loved most when he was alive. The car he liked, the script he liked, the music he liked, and coffee and milk tea. I believe that he was happy and not lonely in his final journey and is now safely with God.”

He continued: “As his father, I would like it if we could stop being sad and instead remember the good times we had with him and remember him as the kind and dedicated actor Moon Ji Yoon. My wife and I cannot seek out each person to whom we are grateful because of the current circumstances, so we ask for your understanding. We hope that everyone who sees these words remains in good health and peace. We want to share your happiness and sadness in future. You can contact us directly, or contact us through Ji Yoon’s agency. We want to share the love and gratitude that our Ji Yoon received.”

He ended the note: “Thank you sincerely once again. Thank you for reading this long message.” /TISG

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