Kylie Jenner shops at super affordable store much to her fans' surprise

Kylie Jenner shops at super affordable store much to her fans’ surprise

In photo with daughter, she is seen wearing a pair of Christmas socks from Old Navy

Reality star Kylie Jenner, 22, loves to show off her riches, from Birkin bags to Lamborghinis, but she recently surprised her fans when she showed them that she likes to shop at a super affordable store.

Forbes named the model/entrepreneur as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire by early this year. Jenner decided to sell 51% of her company for US$600 million later in the year, in the hope of expanding to reach a larger, more global audience. The company’s sale price is a whopping US$1.2 billion (S$1.6 billion).

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The young billionaire can afford pretty much anything she wants and she has them in her social media posts. She always posts photos of herself wearing mostly Chanel or Fendi which are worth thousands each. She tends to keep it casual while standing in front of her massive, multi-million-dollar car collection. 

A photo that showed several Hermes bags sitting in her closet was also uploaded on social media recently, and they easily cost thousands apiece. The beauty mogul always flies on private jets, posting pictures flying with her daughter Stormi.

A photo was taken when she was in a private jet with her mother, with both wearing large sunglasses and holding matching US$150,000 Birkin bags.

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business meetings.

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She can buy clothes from any brand that she wants but fans were surprised to see what she was wearing in her recent Christmas photo. Jenner was seen in the photo giving Stormi a kiss under the Christmas tree and they were wearing matching pajama sets. Jenner’s feet were right in the middle of the shot. Eagle-eyed fans recognised that she was wearing a pair of Christmas socks from Old Navy.

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Merry Christmas ?

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A user wrote that she got the socks from Old Navy for US$3 (S$4), while another commented that she had those socks at that moment, too. The socks normalised Jenner a bit, according to her fans. They are so used to seeing her in glamorous looks that it was likely hard to imagine her in anything besides designer brands.

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Jenner proved to her fans that as long as it is something is cute, she is willing to buy it, no matter where it is from.

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