SingaporeLuca’s owner appeals for witnesses to hit and run at Bartley Viaduct...

Luca’s owner appeals for witnesses to hit and run at Bartley Viaduct on 23 May 2022 at 10.30pm

This article contains graphic images and descriptions of an accident that unfortunately led to a dog’s demise. Reader discretion is advised.

The life of Luca, a handsome young Shiba who brightened the lives of all around him for the last 10 months, was tragically cut short as he had to be euthanised following a hit-and-run accident that left him paralysed from the waist-down. The accident occurred on 23 May 2022 at around 10.30pm under Upper Paya Lebar Viaduct. Luca’s owner, @sorapoh, is appealing for eye-witnesses on Instagram.

The Hit-and-Run on 23 May 2022

Sorapoh posted footage of the incident on her Instagram account in the hopes of looking for eye-witnesses.


In the video, a car can be seen driving straight towards Luca. According to messages from another eye-witness, other cars kept horning at the oncoming vehicle to alert the driver to Luca’s presence, but the accident still occurred as the driver did not stop, or even slow down.

The accident left Luca paralysed from the waist down. He also suffered a severed spinal cord and a punctured lung.

“excuse my language because i seem to have no choice but to excuse you for giving my dog a severed spinal cord and punctured lung – instantly paralyzing him from waist down and we couldn’t even give him surgery because air filled up his lungs too fast for him to stabilize breathing? or his heart also got displaced? yeah he was in terrible fucking condition. just to let you know, when i reached him, his hind legs couldn’t move, so he pitifully dragged and scooted his body so close to me. and his lips were curled back because he was in immeasurable pain.”

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Sorapoh immediately brought Luca to a vet clinic called VES following the accident. Sorapoh’s experience with the vet may be read here.

Failing to stop after the accident

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Even after running over Luca, the driver did not stop.

On 26 May 2022, Sorapoh posted a new video which showed how even a car that was some distance away heard a distinctive “thud” when Luca was hit. It is therefore clear that the driver of the vehicle that ran over Luca would have heard a loud sound, or perhaps even seen Luca. Nevertheless, he or she decided to speed off instead of stopping to help Luca.

In a heart-breaking Instagram post addressed to the driver of the vehicle that ran over Luca, sorapoh asked why he/she did not slow down.

“If you had slowed down, he probably would still have a fighting chance. if you stopped after hitting him knowing u just ran over someone’s dog, i would’ve been more understanding. Other cars could hear the impact, you could’ve pulled over but you didn’t.”

Appeal for eye-witnesses and legal action

In a message to what appears to be a police officer investigating the matter, sorapoh stated that she intends to file a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle. She also appealed for eye-witnesses on Instagram.

please repost this.

i’m seeking an eyewitness for the car that ran luca over at Upper Paya Lebar Road, under Bartley Viaduct. He saw Luca from so far away and he still ran him over full speed and dashed off. Other cars were honking at him and he still mercilessly ran him over.

Circumstances leading to the accident

In a series of Instagram stories on Luca’s Instagram page, the circumstances leading to the accident were set out.

The small gate at the side of the house was opened by someone outside of Luca’s family, and Luca ran out. Despite chasing him on foot and by a car, they were unable to stop him.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, while sorapoh was still grieving Luca’s death, she also had to take the time to respond to some people who were unsympathetic and even accusatory.

A letter from Sorapoh to Luca

We would like to end this article with Sorapoh’s moving tribute to Luca, a glorious and majestic young Shiba who was so full of life.

We extend our deepest condolences to Luca’s family, and we hope justice is done. If you are an eye-witness to the accident, or if you have useful information, contact @sorapoh on Instagram.

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