AsiaMalaysian celeb eats durian with spicy noodles and ends up in hospital

Malaysian celeb eats durian with spicy noodles and ends up in hospital

Malaysian singer Ara Johari combined both in a food challenge, started to feel sick after a few mouthfuls and was rushed to the hospital

Sometimes people do stupid things to be famous but it comes at a price if they are not careful.

Malaysian singer Ara Johari did a food challenge that almost caused her her life and she received backlash for what she did.

Malay Mail reported that Ara Johari did a challenge of eating spicy noodles with durian and she ended up in the hospital.

A video that went viral shows Ara eating a bowl of spicy noodles with durian.

After a few mouthfuls, the singer started to feel sick and towards the end of the video an ambulance arrived.

The 22-year-old was quickly taken to the hospital after she started gagging and vomiting into a plastic bag.

Netizens felt that she was promoting “potentially dangerous behaviour”.

Actress Nabila Huda left a comment saying that the attempt was “stupid”. She wrote,

“Who are the morons who started the challenge of eating spicy noodles with durian? Stop doing stupid things like this. Durian is already a heaty food, suppose you died while eating this, then what?”

Netizens also shared the same view as Nabila, disapproving of the challenge and saying that it was stupid and dangerous.

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In 2017, a YouTuber named Nikocado Avocado chomped down four packs of spicy Korean noodles and some durians but he didn’t suffer the same fate as Ara.

It was later revealed that Ara actually has gastric and the production team that filmed the challenge didn’t know about her condition.

They have formally apologised for pursuing this challenge and advised people not to follow suit.

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Food challenges are common around the world and most of the time it involves spicy food as it is more challenging.

There are also hotdog challenges, burger challenges and sushi challenges.

Alcohol challenges and milk drinking challenges are also common. -/TISG

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