InternationalMan holds funeral for pet fishes to the delight of netizens

Man holds funeral for pet fishes to the delight of netizens

Former US Army recruit Jeremy Milbern, 25, recently held a funeral for his pet fishes, Tiffany and Tori. Twitter posts about the funeral delighted netizens and quickly went viral.

Milbern dressed up in a black suit for the occasion, and even lit candles to honor the recently departed fish. He had held the “ceremony” to cheer up his wife. He said, “Any time I find an opportunity to get a laugh and smile out of her, I make sure to capitalise on it.”

Millbern’s wife then sent photos of the fish funeral to his sister, who tweeted the pictures. The photos went viral and ended up being shared more than 12,000 times.

On the same day, a tweet that Milbern’s wife posted about what he did for her and their fish was very enthusiastically received by netizens on Twitterverse and has been retweeted more than 66,000 times.

The story became so popular that it was even written about in Buzzfeed and Indy100. People could relate to Milbern’s story and in turn told stories about their own beloved pets. It’s obvious that the Milbern’s affection for their pets struck a chord with so many.

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Additionally, Milbern received much praise for being such a good husband.

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