Married woman having frequent, painful sex for four years in hopes of...

Married woman having frequent, painful sex for four years in hopes of conceiving a child finds out she was a virgin all along

A young married couple from China who were desperately trying to get pregnant for four years were surprised to find out the reason behind their inability to conceive – they had been having sex the wrong way.

Guiyang Evening Post which first reported on the young couple did not reveal their identities, but said it quoted a obstetrician who treated the couple. The doctor, Liu Hongwei, said the wife told him that having sex has been a painful experience for her, but she endured it in the hopes of having a child soon. She told the doctor that they have been having sex frequently.

“The couple are very young. The man is 26 and the woman is 24. They are very healthy, but even though they have been married for four years they could not get pregnant,” the doctor said. “Because of that their family gave them a lot of pressure.”

Dr Liu initially thought that the woman could have some sort of gynecological condition, but upon examination he found out that she was still a virgin and that they’ve been having anal intercourse over the past four years.

During the consultation, Dr Liu gave the couple some advice and a sex education handbook as “guidelines” before returning home. The doctor’s advice turned out to be correct.

A few months after their consultation, the woman became pregnant. The couple reportedly broke the news to Liu by sending gifts to her at the hospital, including 100 eggs and a live chicken.

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