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Not just clean, Monica clean! Courteney Cox’s kitchen proves she’s a real-life Monica

Courteney Cox shows off her "Monica-clean" clean kitchen

India, April 20 — If you’re a Friends fan and have binge-watched the show multiple times, chances are you were amazed by the organising skills of the cleanliness freak Monica Geller played by Courteney Cox. Monica’s character made sure that everything in her apartment was kept in the right place and in the right way. And you’ll be surprised to know that Cox is somewhat like her on-screen character in real life too. In a recent clip shared on her personal Instagram profile, Cox shared a glimpse of her perfectly sorted kitchen which may leave you thoroughly entertained.

“Am I the only one?” reads the caption shared alongside the clip. The video starts with Cox standing in her kitchen as the text ‘Tell me you’re a Monica without telling me you’re a Monica’ appears on screen. Cox then goes on to show her perfectly arranged drawers and cupboards in the kitchen and ends with Monica’s popular dialogue ‘I know!’. The video may leave you giggling hard.

Take a look at the clip:


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Shared on April 15, the clip has garnered over two million views and several reactions. People were much amused to find out the similarities between Cox’s personality to that of her on-screen character Monica. While some showered the comments section with heart emojis, others couldn’t stop pointing how amazed they were to see the similarities. Many also requested Cox to share tips on organising kitchen spaces.

“Monica is such a Courteney,” wrote an Instagram user. “If you could come organize my kitchen and life that would be awesome,” commented another. “Not just clean. MONICA CLEAN!” joked a third pulling a reference from the show Friends.

What do you think of this fun video?

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