Saturday, March 25, 2023
InternationalPhiladelphia girl dies during a dangerous TikTok 'blackout challenge.'

Philadelphia girl dies during a dangerous TikTok ‘blackout challenge.’

Nylah Anderson, age ten, was discovered hanging from a purse strap in her mother’s closet and the mom blames TikTok for promoting ‘blackout challenge’ videos that could have caused this horrific incident.

In the TikTok challenge, viewers are encouraged to choke themselves until they pass out, but Nylah was unlucky as she probably choked to death trying the challenge.

Nylah spent five days in the paediatric intensive care unit before passing away on December 12 of last year.

Is it TikTok’s fault? Or is it the user’s fault for getting involved in such a dangerous game?

The courts will have to decide soon since Nylah’s mother, Tawainna, is suing TikTok for ‘thrusting’ the dangerous challenge in her daughter’s face.

No idea how much she is asking TikTok for damages since news reports say she is asking for unspecified damages.

‘Nylah endured hellacious suffering as she struggled and fought for breath and slowly asphyxiated until near the point of death,’ the lawsuit says.

The family holds TikTok accountable for designing an app that promotes dangerous challenges to children.

According to her mother’s attorneys, a forensic analysis of her phone revealed that the app was in use at the time.

The lawsuit says the ‘algorithm determined that the deadly blackout challenge was well-tailored and likely to be of interest to 10-year-old Nylah Anderson, and she died as a result.’

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It mentions a number of other dangerous challenges, such as the ‘Orbeez challenge,’ in which viewers are encouraged to shoot plastic pellets at people.

The ‘Benadryl challenge,’ in which people drink large amounts of the cough medicine until they hallucinate, is also named.

It appears that TikTok STRICTLY mentions that ONLY those who 13 and above can have an account.

Though the company says its main app is intended for people 13 years or older, it also operates a version of the app designed for younger users.

The other concern is what were the parents doing letting the 10-year-old getting involved in this dangerous challenge?

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While her mother was downstairs, the 10-year-old girl attempted the “blackout challenge” in her mother’s closet.

Tawainna discovered her daughter and performed CPR on her until paramedics arrived.

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