SingaporePolice rescue woman trapped in her bathroom for four days

Police rescue woman trapped in her bathroom for four days

A woman suddenly lost contact one day, and her relatives reported her disappearance when they could not find her. The police came to investigate, and the neighbors also said that she had not seen the woman for several days. From the woman’s home, the police seized the clues and finally successfully rescued the woman from the bathroom.

The Singapore Police Force uploaded the incident via Instagram on 29 December. Police officers Ibnu Musalli and Miqdad Fisall shared in the article that they were notified on the evening of the 27th of last month that a woman was missing.

The person who reported is a relative of the woman, and he was puzzled that she could not be contacted for the past four days. He even went to the woman’s unit to find someone, but there was no response from her. Her mobile phone was also turned off.

The two police officers immediately went to the woman’s home to investigate, but the neighbor’s statement was consistent with that of the relatives, and no one had seen the woman for three or four days. “We also noticed that several courier packages were left in front of the woman’s house,” one of the officers said.

But the officers’ intuition and experience told them that the missing woman was probably still in the house, just unresponsive.

While the two police officers were talking with their neighbors, they heard a faint knocking sound from the woman’s house, which confirmed their suspicions that the woman was probably in the house.

The two quickly called for security assistance and managed to enter the woman’s home. At that time, the house was dimly lit and there were few objects. The more the police walked into the house, the louder the knocking sound became.

Later, the police confirmed that the sound was coming from the bathroom and tried to speak to the person inside. Fortunately, their calls were answered.

It turned out that the handle on the bathroom door was broken, and the woman was trapped in it. The police immediately tried to find a way to force open the door to rescue the woman.

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After the woman was rescued, she recalled that she was trapped in the bathroom for four days, unable to communicate with the outside world at all, and could only knock on the wall, hoping that someone would notice her. Fortunately, the women was not seriously ill.

One of the officers said that he remembered the woman shedding tears and felt relieved as she thanked them for saving her.

“It was really an unforgettable event and it gave me a sense of what it is like to give hope.”

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