Saturday, March 25, 2023
InternationalPoliceman tracks cheating wife via phone. Kills the lover and himself.

Policeman tracks cheating wife via phone. Kills the lover and himself.

Following the post-COVID situation, we discover that there have been numerous murders or attempted murders. And these murders are taking strange turns at times.

In this one, a policeman in the USA used a tracker on his phone to locate his cheating wife and her lover.

This is the story of Sean Armstead, 36, of New York.

He is accused of following his wife Alexandra Vanderheyden, 35, to a hotel accompanied by Edward Wilkins, 20, her young lover.

They were driving their own cars when the husband arrived in his vehicle.

The incident happened last Sunday when the two lovers fled the hotel, with Armstead hot on their tail.

According to reports, Armstead rammed his car into the lover’s car that he has been chasing, near a road junction in the vicinity of a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

The young lover then exited his car and attempted to flee towards the parking lot of the restaurant, but Armstead shot him down with 16 rounds.

He died from injuries to the back and head, according to New York Post.

The horrific murder of the young lover was only the beginning for the policeman. After the killing of young man, he reloaded his gun he shot himself, it is said. He left his wife unhurt in this terrible bloodbath.

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In this love triangle, the young lover had no chance when was faced with the woman’s husband armed with a gun.

According to the sources, the wife drove up to see her husband and lover both lying in a pool of blood on the pavement. She was following the husband’s car when the latter was chasing her lover.

News reports say the blood was still visible outside the restaurant on Monday morning.

“It happened outside,” a manager at Buffalo Wild Wings said. “The night manager told me she locked the doors and kept everyone inside.”

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