EntertainmentCelebrityPriyanka Chopra sends fans 'virtual hug' as India battles coronavirus pandemic

Priyanka Chopra sends fans ‘virtual hug’ as India battles coronavirus pandemic

Priyanka Chopra sends fans 'virtual hug' amid India's Covid-19 battle

India — Actor Priyanka Chopra has shared a new post on Instagram. Posing for a picture with her dog Gino, Priyanka sent her fans a ‘virtual hug’.

The photo showed Priyanka in light makeup and wearing a beige dress, giving Gino a hug. Both of them have their eyes closed in the picture. “Sending a virtual hug,” she captioned her post with ’emotional’, ‘red heart’ and ‘fingers crossed’ emoji.

A fan wrote, “You’re Stunning” while many called her dog ‘cute’. Another commented, “Pray for all covid patients worldwide.”

Priyanka has been sharing updates and information on Covid-19 resources on her Instagram Stories since the last couple of days, after the Covid-19 situation worsened tremendously last week. Taking to Twitter, she also shared a message for her fans to take all necessary precautions.

“The Covid 19 situation across India is grave. I’m seeing images and stories coming in from different parts of the country that are so scary… the situation is out of control and our medical fraternity is at a breaking point. Please stay home…I beg you to stay home. Do it for yourself, your family, friends, neighbours, community, and also our frontline workers. Every doctor and frontline worker is saying the exact same thing: * Stay home * Ensure everyone you know stays home * If you have to step out, wear a mask * Talk to those around you and help them understand this situation… we cannot take this lightly. * Get the vaccine when it’s your turn. Doing this will help us ease the immense pressure on our medical system,” she wrote.

Priyanka is currently in London and has been there since late last year. She shot for Text For You with Sam Hueghan there and later launched her book Unfinished from there as well. She is currently working on her upcoming series, Citadel in the UK.

The show also stars Richard Madden and is executive-produced by the Russo Brothers of Avengers fame.

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