Serial rapist who targeted Asian women and evaded arrest for over 20...

Serial rapist who targeted Asian women and evaded arrest for over 20 years finally detained by police

A 58-year-old man accused of targeting and r‌‌‌a‌pi‌‌‌n‌g Asian women and eluding authorities for more than two decades has been ca‌ptu‌re‌d by the Sacramento ‌Pol‌‌i‌ce Department. Also known as the “NorCal Rapist,” Roy Charles Waller of Benicia, California was ar‌res‌te‌d while he was on his way to work at the University of California, Berkeley on Sept 20.

Waller was linked by DNA as a positive match for the DNA profile of the Nor-Cal Rapist and linked directly to a sexual assault that occurred in October 2006 in the city of Sacramento.

During a press conference Sacramento Police said “some of these cases are close to 28 years old, this is still a very active investigation involving many different agencies.”

Adding: “Detectives and Forensic Investigators have worked diligently throughout this investigation to process evidence, conduct extensive follow-up, and gather new information regarding these crimes. This has been a collaborative effort with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office to bring justice for the victims and those significantly impacted by these crimes.”

The Sacramento Police Department encouraged any witnesses with information regarding these sexual assaults to contact the department and promised that callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward up to $1,000.

‪Booking photo of the suspect, Roy Charles Waller in the #NorCalRapist Case, #sacpd ‬

Posted by Sacramento Police Department on Friday, 21 September 2018

One Facebook commenter, Greg Cook, who responded to Sacramento Police Department’s post said: “Wow!!! I knew this dude. We worked together in the late 80’s up and down Northern California. He and I traveled from Eureka to the Central Valley many times doing abatement work at the college in Arcadia . He was always a little different But damn… He had a strange attraction to Asian woman to a weird level. Perfect example how you just never know….Police should look as far as Eureka… So crazy!!!”

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