RelationshipsSix months jail for woman who poked holes in her partner's condoms...

Six months jail for woman who poked holes in her partner’s condoms to get pregnant

A male and a German woman were in a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement that has now gotten the female companion a jail sentence.

That happened when the woman desired more from the connection to the point that she changed her mind and started poking holes in the condom supply they were using.

She even told him she had nobbled the condoms and was expecting a child.

He informed the authorities, who found her guilty of sexual assault!

According to media sources, ruining a condom before an assignation is referred to as ‘stealthing,’ and usually entails the man breaking the birth control barrier.

Apparently, the woman became infatuated with the man and tried to get pregnant many times but failed.

The woman appeared in court in the German city of Bielefeld in front of Judge Astrid Salewski. This is where she made legal history in the country.

In court, the 39-year-old woman was said to be in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with the 42-year-old man which started from the beginning of 2021 when the two would meet up on a regular basis for intimate encounters.

According to the regional court in Bielefeld, the woman grew deeper feelings for her partner.

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But the man did not return the favours as he was apparently content with the casual nature of their relationship.

Well, this did not please the man who did not stop himself from seeking justice. The more so when the woman was daring enough to send him a WhatsApp message in which she claimed she was pregnant, that he was the father and admitted that she had sabotaged the condoms.

Should men check their condoms before having sex? The woman must have been very desperate to poke holes in the condoms to get pregnant.

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Or maybe love relationships are getting more complicated these days?

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