InternationalSocial media users harass Prince William for dumb war comment

Social media users harass Prince William for dumb war comment

“It’s very alien to see this in Europe. We are all behind you,” Prince William said, commenting on the war in Ukraine.

He also added that he wanted to do more to help. “We feel so useless,” he said, speaking to volunteers at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London

But the users of social media networks, particularly Twitter, did not react kindly to his comments about wars.

They make him look ignorant, silly and ticks him off for Britain’s long history of wars.

It is a very bad day for William who is generally praised and cheered on the internet.

With these comments, Prince William has provoked outrage for comparing the conflict in Ukraine to those in Africa and Asia.

One Twitter user went ballistic:

Prince William says conflict is “very alien” to Europe, unlike Asia & Africa.?

How do you have a 1000 year history of colonialism, a literal 100 year war, launch 2 World Wars, allow multiple genocides, & bomb a dozen nations since 9/11 alone—yet make this type of a statement.?

Now, people are claiming his words demonstrated that he was “racist” or at the very least ignorant of the fact that many wars and conflicts have occurred in Europe, including during his lifetime.

Ukraine has been at war with itself for years, with 14,000 civilians killed in the country’s eastern region bordering Russia since 2014.

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Mostly ignored by the Western media, the conflict in the east of Ukraine is one of the reasons why Russia has invaded Ukraine, Moscow said.

Europe too, faces criticism

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Apparently, in Europe and of course the European Union, there is a distinction between ‘regular migrants’ from Asia or Africa and Arabia and those from Ukraine, who are given princely treatment.

A portal in India reports that stories of prejudice against persons of colour attempting to leave the Ukrainian border have made headlines since the fighting began. As have reports concerning the intrinsic racism in some of the crisis’s reactions.

The prime ministers of Bulgaria and Poland came under fire for saying they would accept any number of refugees because, “these are not the refugees we are used to. These are intelligent and educated people.”

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