Health & FitnessSofia Vergara is as stunning at 47 as in her 20s. Here's...

Sofia Vergara is as stunning at 47 as in her 20s. Here’s how she keeps in shape

How Sofia Vergara keeps in shape

India — We all know her as Gloria from the American sitcom Modern Family, and thanks to her role in the show, REPLACED has become a household name around the globe. The stunning Colombian-American actor and model recently took to her Instagram account and shared a throwback picture from the ’90s, . The Smurfs actor recently took to her Instagram handle and shared the picture of her sporting a tiny black string bikini in Miami. The picture captioned, “#tbt Miami #the 90’s,” proved to be a big hit among her 21.1 million followers. It received more than 280,000 likes. This isn’t the first time the actor has posted throwback pictures of herself looking as stunning as she does now. Of the many she shared in January, one was a snap of her in a white bikini top, a diamond choker and dangling silver earrings. Another had her young self looking gorgeous against a sunset in a similar bikini.

Sofia and hypothyroidism

However the 47-year-old still looks every bit as her young self now as well, and it definitely has a lot to do with her lifestyle choices. When Sofia was 28, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and ended up having her thyroid removed, on account of this the actor suffers from hypothyroidism, wherein one doesn’t receive enough thyroid hormone in one’s blood. Some of the usual symptoms of hypothyroidism are weight gain, dry skin, metabolism issues, cold sensitivity and fatigue. And given that most of Sofia’s job has to do with her looks, she has to take extra efforts not only on account of her profession, but also her illness to always look her best.

Her fitness routine and diet

Like most of us, Sofia too hates hitting the gym, however she does workout and includes exercises like dumbbell split squats, lateral raise, crunches, pull-downs, planks, slingshot, elevator lunge, dumbell wall sit, teaser with sliding disc, tailbone angel, side leg sweep, cheerleader arm circle among others to keep fit, thanks to her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, who is very strict with her and doesn’t fall for Sofia’s many excuses as per multiple media reports. Sofia has two personal trainers, the other being Jennifer Yates, as she thinks this helps her stay motivated, focused and passionate about her workouts. And even though the fact that the actor goes to the gym five times a week, doing 50 minute workouts each session, may make it seem like she’s a gym freak, she always tries to avoid working out but is glad when she’s done.

The Chef actor also has a very healthy diet and doesn’t indulge in heavy meals, fats or alcohol at night, preferring healthy foods like sushi and salads, as she loves fish, Mediterranean food and green vegetables. However when the actor is on holiday she let’s loose completely and goes on a strict, clean food diet upon returning from her vacations.

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