The day football came to Rome: Twitter overflows with memes of the...

The day football came to Rome: Twitter overflows with memes of the intense Euro2020 final

It's coming HOME vs. It's coming ROME!

The suspenseful wait to see whether football was coming home or coming to Rome was put to rest when Italy bagged the gold in the Euro2020 final against England.

The riveting match, which ended in penalties, kept fans at the edge of their seats, giving quite a handful of them a boost in their meme-making performance. The final brought about a wave of memes using the new buzz phrase which flooded social media.

“It’s coming home” and “Football’s coming home,” both lines from the English football anthem titled Three Lions, seemed to take on an even more special meaning after football fans came up with the perfect comeback on behalf of Italy, who looked England straight in the face at Wembley Stadium on Sunday night (Jul 11).

While England fans held on to the hopes that football would indeed “come home,” Italy supporters began using the phrase “It’s coming to Rome.”

As the comeback phrase quickly gained popularity, it didn’t take long for fans to begin creatively incorporating it into their expressions of support either for their team or for the Euro2020 final in general.

Whether on an actual hand-held sign or a digital graphic shared on social media, football fans wasted none of their creativity. A photo of an Italy fan holding up an Italian flag with the words “It’s coming to Rome,” for example, has recently been shared on Twitter. Before the words “to Rome,” however, was the word “Home,” which was explicitly crossed out with red ink.

Other users found ways to depict the mismatch between the expectations of fans who were ready for football to come home and the reality of Italy ensuring that it came to Rome instead.

Still, other fans even used actual shots from the match to turn intense moments into humorous ones, with some even using the controversial moment when Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini grabbed England’s Bukayo Saka — a move that earned the Italian player a yellow card.

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