InternationalThe frozen singer escapes from a Ukrainian bunker, arrives in Poland unharmed

The frozen singer escapes from a Ukrainian bunker, arrives in Poland unharmed


The frozen singer escapes from a Ukrainian bunker and reaches unhurt in Poland.
A little girl who became famous overnight after singing “Let It Go” in a bunker while hiding from bombs in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city, has arrived in Poland unhurt.

With the Frozen song, the young girl had subdued the occupants in the bunker, leaving them in tears. The video of the girl singing the song quickly went viral.

Amelia Anisovych’s version of the iconic song in the crammed Kyiv bunker moved many people online, prompting messages of admiration, worry for her safety, and sadness.

According to the report, many people were disgusted with the Russian government and its military forces for laying siege to cities in Ukraine and destroying them with nonstop bombs.

Many thought that ‘the young girl with the exquisite voice,’ as the song’s composer Kristen Anderson-Lopez called her, would become yet another unfortunate fatality of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Amelia, a seven-year-old girl, endured six days underground with no food or drink. She sang the song six days ago, but her parents sent her and her 15-year-old brother to Poland three days later.

They arrived in Poland safely yesterday and are currently living with their grandmother.

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Amelia received notes of encouragement from the song’s original vocalist Idina Menzel and Anderson-Lopez after her charming performance was shared hundreds of thousands of times across various social media sites.

Fortunately, and to the relief of millions of people on the internet, it was revealed yesterday that Amelia accomplished a grueling two-day trek to Poland and is now safe with her grandma.

Another Ukrainian kid

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In another daring escape from Ukraine is the story of an 11-year old boy, Hassan who made it to Slovakia safely after traveling 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) from eastern Ukraine with just two tiny suitcases, a passport, and the phone numbers of his family written on his hand.

He made the journey alone, fleeing from his house in Zaporizhzhia because his mother was unable to leave her elderly mother.

His mother put him on a train, and when he arrived at the border, customs agents, who says he is a hero, assisted him in crossing.

The young man approached the border with a plastic bag, a little red rucksack, and his passport, says Slovakian news reports.

He was taken in by volunteers who fed and watered him while border authorities contacted family in the Slovak city, Bratislava.

Zaporizhzhia is where the biggest nuclear plant sits in Europe. It was seized by Russia’s military over the weekend.

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