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The moment a thief who was stealing from a woman’s house is spooked by cats!

When a woman with the Twitter handle @ainaarhn reviewed her closed-circuit video (CCTV), she was shocked to see an intruder in her house become terrified before he is seen fleeing.

Though the robber managed to snatch her handbag and wallet, left on a table, it is the shot showing the man getting spooked that grabbed attention.

The video became viral on Twitter and the woman posted several frames of the video and explained what could have gotten the intruder to be so frightened that he bolted from the house.

The break-in took place in the early hours of April 15 at a property in Kuantan, Pahang. The woman awoke to prepare for her fast but was perplexed when her handbag and wallet were nowhere to be seen on the table.

That’s what prompted her to check her surveillance footage, which revealed a guy entering her home through a window.

The man can be seen snatching her handbag and even doing a “tour” of the residence, according to @ainaarhn.

We can see the man peering into the woman’s room, most likely attempting to take a laptop, phone, and Apple watch that were close to her bed, the woman says to an online portal.

One of the videos shows the man walking around the home in circles as if seeking for some items to snatch, when bending over something, he abruptly jumps out of fear and flees.

On Twitter, the lady claimed that he must have been startled when he saw a pair of luminous eyes appear in front of him.

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The thief was terrified of her cat.

It is common sense that cats cannot behave like dogs, that is chase thieves out of your property or scare them from invading your home.

Cats are seen as more docile and not aggressive towards strangers and that is why they are called ‘scary cats’.

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But in this video, the cat played a big role in getting rid of the intruder thanks to the spooky eyes in the darkness!

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