InternationalThe moment a woman got stuck in a transparent cruise ship water...

The moment a woman got stuck in a transparent cruise ship water slide


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TikTok was abuzz with the fate of a woman who got stuck in a malfunctioning transparent waterslide on a cruise ship.

“I’m having trouble breathing just watching this,” TikToker @ae_795 commented.

“Omg my biggest fears unlocked”, user @din_2210 said.

More people expressed their anxiety, flooding the comment section while watching the video.

A video of the woman trapped in the translucent water slide suspended above the ocean while on a cruise became popular on TikTok.

The video tweeted by @ymg travels shows guests on the ship deck watching with bated breath as a woman begins sliding down the water slide and around the loop, only to lose speed and plummet back down, becoming trapped at the bottom of the slide.

To make matters worse, the translucent slide dangles over the water, heightening the threat of calamity.

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When the woman understands what has happened, she steps away from the section that dangles over the sea. There doesn’t appear to be a way out and she is much like a fish trapped in a fishbowl, says some comments.

The video has been seen over 14 million times, and TikTokers have hurried to comment beneath it.

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One commented: “Omg my biggest fears unlocked.”

While another said: “I can’t keep watching. I feel like I’m suffocating.”

A third added: “My heart rate accelerated watching this. Stuck in a clear tube suspended over the ocean… NOPE!!!”

TikTok users stated that they do not ride waterslides because of the woman’s experience.

Others expressed embarrassment if they had become trapped. The incident took place on a Norwegian Cruise Line.

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