The reason why Prince Charles chose Camilla over Diana

The reason why Prince Charles chose Camilla over Diana

Internet users think Charles may have fallen for Camilla because of her earthy sexuality

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall married in 2005, almost 35 years after the couple first met.
People have questioned why the future King chose the Duchess over Princess Diana, his first wife and mother of his children.

Netizen Basil Fondu believes that Charles and Camilla fell in love in the 1970’s and have been in love since.

He posted on Quora: “She could fairly be described as his soulmate.”

One of the reasons why Internet users think Charles may have fallen for Camilla is because of her looks.

Diana may be known worldwide for her grace and beauty but Camilla’s ‘earthy sexuality’ is the reason why Charles fell in love with Camilla.

Jessica Jayne’s The Duchess of Cornwall: Camilla’s Story and Secrets claimed that Camilla wasn’t blessed with good looks.

Jayne went on to describe how Camilla was a ‘boy magnet’ and her ‘earthy sexuality attracted the boys to her.’

Basil Fondu also claimed it could be down to Charles and Diana’s interests that lead him to preferring Camilla.

He said: “The Prince and Princess of Wales had as much in common as chalk and cheese.

“Charles was interested in intellectual pursuits, polo, painting, gardening, fishing, hiking, the opera and similar things.”

He went on to claim Diana was more interested in “pop culture and shopping”.

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Basil Fondu added: “She apparently loathed all activities involving the outdoors and horses.”

He went on to claim Camilla had much more in common with Charles including his hobbies, interests and upbringing.

Describing Camilla, he said: “The heir apparent was considerably older, well-educated, well-traveled and worldly.”

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Charles met Camilla at a Windsor polo match in 1970 where their romance blossomed.

The two began dating, and things were looking good for the couple.

Charles was then forced to leave to serve in the Royal Navy for eight months.

When he returned, Camilla was engaged to someone else.

Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles in 1972, they divorced in 1995.

After Prince Charles then married Diana in 1981, he admitted to cheating on her with Camilla during their marriage.

Aleta Curry posted on Quora: “This is a sad, cautionary tale about people at different stages of their lives and with different expectations.”

Despite some turbulent decades, Prince Charles and Camilla finally got their long-awaited happy ending in 2005 when they married in a civil ceremony.

Camilla was given the title, “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall.”

She has still remained by Charles’ side fourteen years later.

The couple currently live in Clarence House, Westminster.





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