AsiaMalaysiaTikToker holding traffic is being chastised for irresponsible behaviour

TikToker holding traffic is being chastised for irresponsible behaviour

A TikTok influencer received a piece of mind from Malaysian TikTok fans who chastised him for what they called reckless behaviour for blocking part of a motorway in Malaysia.

The influencer said his car ran out of fuel and he had to fill it up in the middle of the road.

But netizens showed their unhappiness after the driver joked that he was broke for the month since he had to pay the RM20,000 road tax for his flashy drive.

Twitter and TikTok users were pitiless in their attacks against the influencer after they noted that it was simply a stunt to garner views and it was purely for entertainment purposes.

Some accuses him of not pouring any gasoline into the automobile but another video of the incident shows the influencer and his pal pouring petrol in the fuel tank.

The local influencer recently caused a minor traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur’s city centre only for the sake of creating content.

A netizen tweeted a video showing the male influencer standing next to a yellow Ford Mustang with a bottle of gasoline in hand on the Jalan Tun Razak which is a major thoroughfare in Kuala Lumpur.



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On Twitter and TikTok, netizens chastised him for being selfish and said his ‘stunt’ was ridiculous as it wasted other people’s time on the road.

Some of they said they couldn’t believe the arrogance of the young man and his pal. They are seen casually speaking on the road while clogging traffic.

There were two more cars that looked identical to his behind his vehicle, clogging traffic behind him.

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Some users were saying that only a poor person would buy a high-priced car and whine about excessive road charges.

Because paying the road tax was such a bother for the driver, netizens say he should have bought a less expensive vehicle that was within his budget.

Others advised that he should fill the tank before he goes on the road or if he was just playing a prank, “God will not spare him.”

He allegedly pulled the stunt in the middle of the busy road to impress his TikTok followers. Fortunately, they did not cause a traffic collision or threaten other road users.

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