SingaporeTwitter user complains that Adam Khoo is spamming Telegram channels to sell...

Twitter user complains that Adam Khoo is spamming Telegram channels to sell us investment products

A Twitter user is upset that Adam Khoo has taken to Telegram chat groups to sell investment products. Describing the serial entrepreneur’s efforts as ‘spamming’, the Twitter user with the handle Pauriah faulted Khoo for going from asking secondary school students to imagine their parents on death beds, to selling investment products.

One Twitter user who responded to Pauriah said, “I remember him asking us to imagine our parents’ funeral and I was like: you want curse our parents ah?”

The Twitter user was referring to a conversation which went viral on Reddit several years ago.

According to several earlier news reports, Khoo would ask students to gather in a room where all traces of light were turned off and slow, calming music came into play. He would then hush the 16-year-olds down and told them to close their eyes for a reflection activity — visualising their parents on their deathbeds.

As shocking as this may sound, the exercise was allegedly carried out to motivate them to study harder and excel in their examinations so they wouldn’t let their parents down. But some called the activities “emotional blackmail” as they seemed to guilt-trip students into studying hard for their examinations.

Khoo is no stranger to controversy. In 2019, he posted a cringe-worthy note on Facebook about his experience being patted down by a “fortunately attractive” female airport security staff, and how she was apparently “enjoying herself” while doing it. He then went on to ask why male security staff were not allowed to do the same to women.

“Why the double standards? Why should only the lady security officers get to enjoy their job? Normally people will have to pay to touch me,” he said in his post, which he subsequently took off Facebook when the backlash began.

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Khoo eventually responded to the criticisms by penning another Facebook post describing netizens as a bunch of people with an “inflexible mind” because they didn’t know how to “take a joke.”

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