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UK teen with murder to-do list saying ‘walk to site, kill and bury’ is jailed

It would have been a heinous murder, but the scheme was thwarted in time, mercifully for the intended victim.

But the scheme went haywire when she became unruly during a car ride, threatening the boyfriend with a knife, biting his fingers, and attempting to seize control of the car while he was driving!

This story is about a woman who constructed a nasty to-do list when she was a teenager, in which she was plotting the kidnapping, torture and murder of her former boyfriend.

She has now been imprisoned after she pleaded guilty to attempted murder and possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.

Meet Sophie George, who was 18 at the time of the plot. She was sentenced to 13 and a half years in jail at Lewes Crown Court in the United Kingdom.

Reports say she had planned for the 23-year-old victim to pick her up on October 10, 2020.

She then insisted on being driven to a location where she could pick up two full shopping bags.

The court heard how Ms George “became insistent” on where the driver should go, that is to drive to a nearby park and apparently, when he disagreed, she “grabbed the wheel” several times.

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When her victim resisted, Ms George pulled out a knife and threatened him after which a struggle ensued as the pair left the van and fought in the street.

The victim managed to throw the knife into a bush.

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“[Ms] George bit her victim’s finger down to the bone while he made a 999 call to the police, as did a watching member of the public,” the police said.

Police further stated that after arresting the defendant, they discovered the “sinister” contents of her suitcases and this is how they managed to put things together to uncover the sinister plot.

A check of Ms George’s address yielded a series of “to-do lists” with intentions such as “drive to grave location,” “tourture (sic),” and “guide him to place, murder and bury.”

The police said this was a cold, premeditated scheme to abduct, torture, and murder an innocent guy, with obvious measures to later cover up the crime.

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