InternationalVideo: Watch this lion drag a zoo keeper before mauling him

Video: Watch this lion drag a zoo keeper before mauling him

Wild animals are termed such because they are unpredictable and are meant to survive in the wild.

When wild animals are placed in a zoo, their nature does not alter, and they do not become domesticated animals. Not lions, for example.

Many incidences of lions attacking their caretakers or owners have been reported. The people in these instances were mauled to death by some of the animals in captivity.

The British zookeeper in this video is lucky to be alive after being captured by a lion and dragged by the shoulder before being savaged.

Mike Hodge, the British proprietor of the Makarele Predator Centre in Thabazimbi, South Africa, gets mauled by a massive male lion in this terrifying video.

Mike and his wife Chrissy are credited with founding the Marakele Animal Sanctuary in Thabazimbi, northern South Africa, in 2009.

Later, the pair established a predator centre within the sanctuary, which now houses at least a dozen large cats, including white lions, cheetahs, and two Bengal tigers.

Following the incident, Marakele is said to be closed.

The video shows that Mike is noticed by the lion shortly after entering its enclosure.

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The animal rushes at him, trapping him to the ground against the metal fence of the enclosure.

As witnesses plead for assistance, it pulls Mike’s lifeless corpse to a wooded area.

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The sound of gunfire may be heard before the lion moves away.

As a guy yells for someone to ‘grab a rifle,’ a girl who saw the incident is heard weeping.

The animal was allegedly killed as a result of the attack, which is a pity because that is always the end for wild animals that tastes the blood of humans.

They are culled because once they get the taste, they might launch more attacks against humans.

Mike, 67, was rushed to hospital with injuries to his neck and jaw after being filmed lying motionless in the moments after the incident on Saturday.

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